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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Romantic Beer Date Ideas, Part I

Sure, we know that beer isn't commonly thought of as 'romantic.' That's usually left to wine, or more expensively, Champagne. However, breaking down beer stereotypes is something we love to do so here's our take on how beer can be enjoyed in a more romantic setting.

Pair beer with food! Of course, we're not talking about lunch at the pub or dinner at home, but perhaps something that takes just a bit more effort. You could get all dressed up and attend a beer and food gala event, or even go to your local brewpub and see what they have to offer. Our suggestion - imbibe and gourmandize at Spinnakers Brewpub in Victoria.

They have an excellent selection of craft beers and the food is well above normal pub quality. We chose their beer and cheese tasting plate and enjoyed it on a sunny patio overlooking the water. And we were thrilled when a couple that were decades our senior took the table beside us and had a romantic beer date of their own.

The cheese selection was all local and artisanal from Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands and the quality was exceptional. The pairings were all complimentary but some really accentuated yummy flavors in the cheese. For example, I especially enjoyed the way the ale made the Amsterdammer extra buttery and creamy, while Spunkybrewster raved about the bitter and feta. While we were completely satisfied with our romantic lunch date, you could take it further with their beer and chocolate sampler. And if you are going to do that, you might as well book one of their guestrooms with a soaker-tub!


  1. Two words "Nacho Gold!"

    Best with nacho's, apparently.

    Now that's a tasty beer.

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