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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beer and Hockey, Got Your Attention Anyone?

Tonight we watched the oh-so-disappointing Canada vs. USA hockey game, but luckily we enjoyed an ever-so-agreeable beer that made the loss a lot more bearable. Fat Cat's Honey Beer, made just across the island at Nanaimo's "beer from scratch" microbrewery, made a great first impression with a fabulous head, was olfactory-orgasmic with a honey-goodness aroma, and teased our palate with its sweet yet citrusy taste. For more information check out


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  2. Hey you two, this is a great blog you've got here (it's actually the first blog I've ever taken an interest in). Just thought I should weigh in on what I believe to be one of the finest pairings of all: beer and hockey. I too felt the agony of defeat when the US beat Canada (a defeat I had paired with the malty and silky smooth flavour of Phillips Brewery's Slipstream Cream Ale from Victoria).

    My wife and I were interested on a follow-up so we tried pairing Fuller's Organic Honey Dew (from the UK's Griffin Brewery) with the Canada vs. Slovakia game. I have to admit that honey ales are quite possibly my favorite go-to beers, and this particular one carries all kinds of warm summertime vibes along with it. Kicking back in from of the tube with what was likely most of Canada, we were both impressed by the deep golden honey colour that not only advertises but delivers a rich, malty, deep honey flavour with a sweet finish. This one had a light apple-y aroma but not much head even though I poured it like I was dying of thirst.

    And the pairing? I'd say Luongo's brick-wall save on Demitra late in the 3rd would go well with just about any beer, but with Fuller's it was exquisite!